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 Hello Neighbors


My name is Sandra G Moore and I am running for the Texas State House of Representatives in House District 133 with the Democratic Party. Vote for me in the November 2020 elections. I have lived in 133 since 1987 and love this community. I know the people of this district are generous of spirit and conscientious of soul! I believe in public schools. My son attended Spring Branch ISD K-12. The incumbent has focused more on special interest groups than on the needs of the voters within this district. 


As a Licensed Professional Counselor with several decades of experience, I am a small business owner with a private practice. My specialties include Attention Deficit Disorder and dealing with individuals who have been sexually abused/assaulted. As well I see those who are in recovery for alcohol addiction. Because of this work I have written two books:

  1. The Adult ADD Handbook: What You and Your Family Need to Know, which has been well received in the ADD community, and

  2. Women and Personal Power: The Ways It’s Been Taken From Us and How We Can Get It Back


We are at a pivotal moment in Texas politics. I have always been passionate about assisting those in need through my life’s work. I am ready to be your representative because this community deserves “Moore". I will work tirelessly in the Texas State Legislature to fight for the people of 133.


This is a complex long term project that requires co-ordination among federal, state, county, and city governments. It is imperative that newly crafted TX Senate Bill 7 be implemented, especially the 3 billion dollar flood disaster reserve and the redrawing of Texas Flood Maps. The 500 year flood plain needs to be viewed now as the one hundred year flood plain. People need Flood Insurance which is mandated if the voter lives in a designated flood plain



-Expand Medicaid to cover the working poor i.e. those making less than 12K per year despite   working two or more jobs

-Develop a state managed health insurance marketplace that includes PPO’S, not just HMO’s

-Allow sole owners of a business to purchase business healthcare

-Implement a 40 hr. per year paid sick leave bill 

-Remove the state tax for feminine hygiene pads and tampons as well as diapers

-Follow women with high blood pressure for at least 30 months after giving birth to reduce the maternal mortality rate 

-Monitor women who have given birth for at least 15 months to assess for the development of post partum depression which is often unrecognized and unaddressed by care practitioners


 -Provide adequate evaluations for children who may have a diagnosable disability

-Leave no special need ignored

-Allocate more funds to support special education in public schools

-Monitor and track charter schools to ensure that they are adhering to the same strict             performance guidelines imposed on the public school system


               -Legalize the possession of up to 2 oz of marijuana, decriminalize possession of 2.1-4 ounces
               -Attach an amendment to the James Byrd Hate Crimes Bill that will include attacks against,                     assaults upon, and (sadly) the murder of Transgender individuals
               -Monitor living conditions in state prisons to include access to mental health services,                                 access to air conditioning, and eliminate the use of isolation which is “cruel and unusual                       punishment 
               -Decriminalize prostitution for people under 25 who have been “trafficked”


   The State cannot wrest control from local city ordinances


-Enact a statewide statute requiring the use of biodegradable bags and boxes in all places of business, if the purchaser does not provide their own

-Leave the Golden Cheeked Warbler on the Endangered Species List

This bird nests only in central Texas. If delisted there is an excellent chance that the Juniper Ashe, the only place where it nests, will also be eliminated in central Texas. Let’s continue to protect this bird!

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Thank you for your time and attention. Let’s get to work! 

Vote for Sandra G Moore because District 133 deserves “Moore”!


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